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HITW Recruitment Services

Finding the right people and then convincing them to join the organization is fundamental to Talent Management.

Our recruitment services focus on the ACQUISITION of TALENT. We provide a holistic solution to BUY the SKILLS needed for the continued progress of the organization. The process begins by finding and attracting the brightest and best. This is followed by assess skills, experience, fit and attitude..

a. Hire Services - Permanent Staff

i. Outsourced recruitment services

We recruit on your behalf from outside your organization by closely partner with you in your talent acquisition strategy and to counsel for personal growth of our candidates, while at the same time exploring new and emerging best practices in the recruitment business to be applied at the workplace

(i) Retained Search
(ii) Contingency Search
(iii) Exclusive Search
ii. In-house Recruitment

We provide recruitment tools and techniques:

for your managers to source own hires by learning how to prospect and profile relevant talent.

i. Letter of Appointment
ii. Presentation and Negotiation of offer

b) Pre-Hire Services -Work & Job Design

based on good work principle. We provide unique solutions to help you identify your expectations and then design a job that fits your needs AND aligned with prospective employee aspirations.

c) Post-Hire Services

i. Pipeline Talent- Identify critical competencies in the making

d) Other

i. Graduate recruitment

ii. Learnerships

e) Boarding Services

i. On boarding Services - Talent On-Boarding Programme (TOP)

We fast track the accommodation, assimilation and acceleration of new staff. Our fast track program focuses on aligning employment aspiration with those of employer expectations. This service is especially valuable for executives transitioning into complex roles- often difficult to uncover personal organizational and role risk in complicated situations - without formal on boarding assistance.

ii. De-boarding Services - Employer of Choice Exit Stratergy (ECES)

Preffered employer reputation management is crucial to Talent Management. We provide a De-boarding pack which is more than an exit interview, to ensure when the process of exiting employees improves rather than hamper your employer brand

iii. Off-boarding Services - Contract, Project Staff and Interim Executives

We offer short term solutions that have positive impact to growth in areas where expertise is needed for short periods of time. We also conduct needs analysis and recommend solutions.